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Virginia Beach lights up for Atlantic Surfing Federation

Eric Kaiser © Robbie Hickman

ASF VA Contest #2

Atlantic Surfing Federation
1st Street Jetty, Virginia Beach
8 September 2012

Laney Brooks, Hunter Smith standouts at Virginia Beach event

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 September, 2012 : - - After a solid week of surf thanks to slow moving Leslie, the competitors were stoked at ASF Virginia’s second contest of the season on Saturday, September 8th at the 1st St. Jetty in VB.  The morning started with some serious glassy sets rolling in at low tide providing the best surf of the day to the longboarders. 

Early in the morning Hunter Smith set the bar high for all to follow with what would prove to tie as the highest scoring wave averaged in the finals in the Boys U14 LB final.  Immediately following, Justice Jenkins wowed the judges and spectators alike when he dominated Jr. LB U18 tying Hunter’s earlier high scoring wave.  Hunter came in 2nd followed by Justin Pender in 3rd and Liam McLaughlin in 4th. 

Girls U18 longboarder Laney Brooks had a couple of sweet rides taking her to first place in the Girls U18 LB final.  As the tide came in and the day wore on the surf dropped some but that didn’t affect Eric Kaiser who was a man on fire scoring a perfect 10 in an open heat and taking first in both the Boys U16 and the U18 finals with solid leads far ahead of his competitors. 

The U16 Boys provided the hottest action as Eric, Zach Beaudoin, Carter Bernhardt and Hunter Smith put on a quite a show.   Perhaps the most surprising of the U16 finalists was Zach Beaudoin whose amped performance gave him a solid second and causes one to wonder if this surfer’s recent trip to Cali is responsible or if he is just coming into his own. 


Zach Beaudoin © Robbie Hickman


The U18 Boys judging was unanimous with Eric Kaiser’s solid first followed by up and coming 15 yr. old Justin Pender in 2nd, Jake Brinn in 3rd and 13 yr. old Truxton Malbon in 4th. In the Girls U18, it was Laney Brooks in 1st, Carly Grulich in 2nd, Kendall Ballinger in 3rd and Kate Pancho in 4th.  The contest ended with the highly competitive Open Final, with Mens 1st place finalist, Brian Basset, taking home the purse, Justin Pender in 2nd, Eric Kaiser in 3rd and Mens finalist, Ryan Zmuda, in 4th.  And it goes without saying that those most stoked to be at the contest, most pleased with their performance and most enjoyed by all were micrograms Camden Hoover and Trevor Rozeboom!

 A big shout out of thanks to 17th Street Surf Shop for sponsoring the contest and providing gift certificates to select finalists and to The Boxx who supplied their spicy pies to everyone on the beach. See a complete list of all finalists below.

Camden Hoover
Trevor Rozeboom

Girls U12
1st - Demetria Malbon

Girls U14   
1st  - Eliza Cohen
Girls U16         
1st – Laney Brooks
2nd  - Carly Grulich

Girls U18
1st – Carly Grulich
2nd – Laney Brooks
3rd – Kendall Ballinger
4th – Kate Pancho

Boys U12
1st - Jason McCarthy
2nd – Quinn Cohen
3rd – Eddie Barnes

Boys U14
1st  - Hunter Smith
2nd –  Marshall Pender
3rd – Wes Laine, Jr.
4th – Stanton McDuffie 

Boys U16
1st – Eric Kaiser
2nd – Zach Beaudoin   
3rd – Carter Bernhardt
4th – Hunter Smith

Boys U18
1st  - Eric Kaiser
2nd – Justin Pender
3rd  - Jake Brinn
4th – Truxton Malbon

1st  - Brian Bassett
2nd – Ryan Zmuda
3rd – Sean Heikkila
4th – Rudolpho Nava

1st – Sean Rice
2nd - Tyler Volpe

1st  - Joe DaBiero
2nd – Joe Gillen
3rd – Greg Emminizer
4th – Pete Bowling

1st –  Pat Agnew

1st – Brian Bassett
2nd – Justin Pender
3rd – Eric Kaiser
4th – Ryan Zmuda

Boys LB U14
1st – Hunter Smith
2nd – Wes Laine, Jr.

Junior LB U18
1st – Justice Jenkins
2nd – Hunter Smith
3rd – Justin Pender
4th – Liam Mclaughlin

Senior Longboard
1st – Pete Bowling
2nd – Lewis Winston

Girls LB U18
1st – Laney Brooks
2nd – Kendall Ballinger

Womens LB
1st – Katherine Malbon


Source: Atlantic Surfing Fed.

Author: Luanne Moye
Tags: Atlantic Surfing Federation, Contests, Virginia Beach
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