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DC Legian shop throws big opening in Bali

Pevi & Deny © DC Shoes

Industry Updates

Skate Mini-Ramp a Huge Hit at Grand Opening of DC Legian Store in Bali

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 January, 2013 : - - Kuta, Bali -- The indoor all-concrete mini-ramp was a huge hit at the grand opening of the DC Legian store in Kuta-Bali on Sunday, as hundreds of local and tourists came by to enjoy the festive party atmosphere, watch pro skater demonstrations and get personally signed posters, attend a coaching clinic, join in skate competition for DC goodies, and check out all the latest DC products in Bali’s most exciting DC store.

“That was such good fun,” said Sophie from Australia after participating in the skate competition as the only female contestant.  “I just moved here to Bali a couple of months ago, and really had a good time today with such good people. DC is a great brand, making a store like this with ramp inside.  Back in Australia we have an in-store ramp, but it’s wood and not concrete, so this is first inside concrete one I’ve seen.  It was really good fun!”

Sophie and the other winners of the skate competition each received DC goodie bags, and all who attended had plenty of free Coca-Cola and other beverages supplied by Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia at the Sunday afternoon grand opening.

DC pro skaters Pevi Permana and Deni TX from the DC Indonesia skate team were on hand and kept busy with skating demonstrations, coaching clinics, signing posters for their fans, and answering questions from the media representatives from newspaper, magazines, and TV stations that attended the press conference.

“I’m really happy to be part of this event today, as I love to see all the kids excited about skating and getting to meet them here,” said Pevi. Pevi is Indonesia’s top skater and is now a head-to-toe DC sponsored team member.

“This is such a cool concept for a store, for kids and everybody in the family, as they can come shopping and also get to try out a mini-ramp as well.  Skating has been growing so fast here in Indonesia thanks to DC, and I’m very proud to be sponsored by such a progressive and growing brand that can have great activities like this for its fans” he added.

Tony Sruntul, Sports Marketing for DC and one of Indonesia’s skateboarding pioneers, was also very happy with the afternoon’s activities and very optimistic what the future holds for skateboarding in Indonesia, saying, “It’s great fun for us to have events like this, to see everyone happy and enjoying themselves.  This mini-ramp is great for skaters of all levels of ability, so everybody can join in and have fun. 

The turnout today was perfect, as everybody had a chance to participate.  DC is really supportive of the skate community here in Indonesia, and I’m looking forward to this year going around from small villages to big cities, schools and universities, doing demos and coaching and more.”

Nyoman Anggara from CV Bhara, who partnered up with Quiksilver Indonesia to create the new DC Store, was there with his family to enjoy the mini-ramp and all the grand opening action. “I really have to thank Paul (Quiksilver CEO SEA Paul Hutson) for his great idea to put a mini-ramp in this store,” said Mr. Anggara. 

“You can see from all the people coming in, kids and adults, locals and tourists, that they are really enjoying it.  It’s a big hit and lots of fun for everyone in the family, and I couldn’t be more pleased to be part of it.  The mini-ramp combined with the best selection of the latest DC products in Bali will make this the most popular retail store on Jalan Legian!”

The new DC store is located on Jalan Legian between the Eikon and MBargo nighclubs, and is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, 7 days a week. The phone number is (0361) 759317.  

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Best Trick : Leong ( Ollie Big Spin On The Quarter & Blunt To Nose Tap )


Source: Tim Hain

Author: The Editors

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