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Jeff Clark's Mavericks story to premiere


Film Updates

Discovering Mavericks To Premiere at Santa Barbara Inter. Film Festival

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 January, 2013 : - - Joshua Pomer, well known and respected filmmaker newest film has been selected to have its World Premiere at the prestigious Santa Barbara International Film Festival. His latest feature, Discovering Mavericks, ventures into a new realm for this talented award winning artist. This is not a surf movie, it is a film about discover, intrigue and the once secret spot of the largest wave in California at one time, only known to one brave surfer and now to the world. This is Discovering Mavericks!
In the early seventies a lone surfer by the name of Jeff Clark was poised to rewrite surfing history by riding the huge waves at Mavericks for the first time.  This film captures insider interviews and more than three decades of images and footage to tell the true story of California’s most famous, and notorious, big wave. 

At Half Moon Bay's this once undiscovered break was considered by Clark for a few years before he first gather the courage to paddle out and once he did it was his home break.  Once the secret was out  the media spotlight built up to now a famous contest take place their every year with the world’s best big wave riders vying to be known as the winner of Mavericks.
Director Joshua Pomer’s last film was the multi award winning surf documentary The Westsiders, which was at the Festival in 2011.   With Polmer’s intimate history and relationships within the surfing community, this film tell the true story of Mavericks from the perspective of the legends who lived and died at this iconic West Coast monster wave.  One well known Hawaiian surfer Mark Foo said before his death, "If you want to ride the ultimate wave, you have to be willing to pay the ultimate price". 

Foo sadly lost his life at Mavericks in 1994, they speculate that his leash was caught on a rock, which unable him to rise back up to the surface.   Polmer captures the story of brave men who risked their lives and some who paid the ultimate price for the ultimate ride.  Through history we find that they did for it for love, they did for truth and they did it for destiny. Discovering Mavericks features the surfers Jeff Clark, Peter Mel, Flea, Brock Little, Zack Wormhaut, Shane Dorian, Nick Lamb, Mark Foo Jay Moriarty and with support from the Mauli Ola Foundation.
Mavericks is one of the most dangerous waves in the world, it is a mile out to sea and underwater hold downs of up to five minutes.  The film has a feature on the many Great White sharks that find a home in the cold frigid waters at this point break.  Shark attacks are never fun and there are several attacks that are share in Pomer's new film. 

Being that the wave breaks far from shore, the best angle to capture these giant waves is from the water.  With the sheer size of the waves it makes it to too big to swim with camera equipment and small boats and helicopters have created an intimate look from every angle.  The worst part of filming Mavericks is seeing your friends get held underwater for minutes at a time, hoping they come up. The best part of watching this wave is being twenty feet from a fifty foot wave and capturing it all on film, to share with others.

Discovering Mavericks will have its World Premiere on Friday, February 1st at the Lobero Theater, located on 33 E Canon Perdido Street in lovely downtown Santa Barbara.  The Santa Barbara International Film Festival is now its 28th years and considered to be in the top ten Film Festivals in the US.  Joshua’s film is part of the “To The Maxx” action sports program of the Festival.  This popular presentation has featured many of the top surf and skateboarding films in the world.

The Festival is continuing its dynamic presentation with this newest film added to the Festival.  Joshua hopes to tell some of the true story in Discovering Mavericks as the athletes are part madmen part athlete. In regards to the danger of the waves at the big wave break, the well-respected surfer Jay Moriarty once said “I think if you catch the wave of your life and live, it's ok to walk away into the sunset.”
Over two hundred films will be featured at the Festival this year with many stellar premieres and red Carpet events and the majestic Lobero Theater will be the venue for this World Premiere of Pomer’s new film.  Located at 33 E Canon Perdido St, right in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, California, the film is set to screen on Friday, February 1st with show time at 7 pm.  Ticket prices are $10 and maybe purchase on line at sbiff.org or at the Festival Ticket Kiosk at the Arlington Theater on 1317 State Street. 

Source: SBIFF

Author: Keiko Beatie

Tags: Chasing Mavericks, Jeff Clark, Josh Pomer

Film: Surfersvillage

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