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Governing, Judging, Officiating Workshops to Run at Symposium in Bali

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 June, 2013 : - - The International Surfing Association and the Asian Surfing Championships are proud to present the inaugural Asian Surfing Development Symposium 2013 from July 1-5 in Kuta, Bali. The Symposium will consist of surfing development seminars by industry experts, including presentations by the ISA titled “National Governing Body Development,” and the new ISA International “Judging and Officiating Course,” all tailored for the growing Asian region.

The primary goal of the 5-day program is to provide specific and much needed educational seminars and judging training to the budding surf communities of Asia, as they seek to begin and grow the sport of surfing in their local areas.

The Asian Surfing Championships, together with the ISA, have already been assisting countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines and, of course, Indonesia in forming National Governing Bodies and by sanctioning yearly surfing competitions. Through the Asian Surfing Development Symposium, it is hoped that more countries will join and fuel the growth of surfing in Asia.

“Asia is a continent with a tremendous potential for growth for surfing and in the number of ISA Member Nations,” said ISA President Fernando Aguerre. “I am particularly excited about the opportunity and partnership with the Asian Surfing Championships (ASC) to further develop relationships with current ISA members and to help prospective new members in the region.”

Aguerre continued, "I am pleased to send Summer Nelson, the ISA's Membership Manager to this landmark Symposium to deliver an important presentation illustrating how the ISA will help and work with existing and prospective new members in Asia to effectively build their organizations."

The Symposium begins on Monday July 1st at the Quiksilver Indonesia office on Jalan Legian in Kuta, with ASP Australasia Head Judge and ISA Judging Adviser Glen Elliott (Australia) as the keynote speaker and leading off as the instructor of the ISA International Judging and Officiating Course. 

The ISA’s Membership Manager Summer Nelson, based at the ISA Headquarters in San Diego, California, will provide specific information on the ISA and its mission, and how it can help current and prospective members develop.

The seminars offered will be taught by Tim Hain (ASC Media Director), Glen Elliott, and Summer Nelson as follows:

1) Event Management, Preparation and Logistics Seminar – by Glen Elliott
2) The Role of the Media for Events and Marketing – by Tim Hain
3) The Roles of the ISA, ASP and the ASC – by Summer Nelson, Glen Elliott, and Tim Hain
4) National Governing Body Development and Structure – Summer Nelson
5) Event Development and Structure – Glen Elliott

“The inaugural Asian Surfing Development Symposium is a unique opportunity to up skill and educate the rapidly developing Asian region to international professional surfing standards. The positive aspects of providing access to world recognized accreditation courses and seminars will strengthen every aspect of the professional development of the sport of surfing and will benefit the elite surfers, coaches and contest officials in every country that is participating,” said Elliott.

“The main aim of the International Asian Surfing Development Symposium is to provide a circular development strategy that will be a lasting legacy and will provide all of the necessary information to suit the needs of developing National Sporting Organizations and ISA recognized National Governing Bodies,” he added,

With the help of sponsors Quiksilver, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, Boardriders Café, Billabong, Rip Curl and the Grandmas Hotels, the ISA and the ASC are able to host this important event that will go far in growing the sport of surfing in Asia, and to offer the participants the judging course and seminars at a low cost and all in one place.

Participants from Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, the Maldives, Australia and Indonesia have already signed up for the Symposium.

The cost for the judging course is $150 USD, and for those that take the judging course and all the seminars, the package price will be $300 USD.  Lunch from the Boardriders Café is included in the price, and refreshments from Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia will be provided each day as well.  Classes start at 8:30 am each day.

For those who require accommodations, the Grandmas Hotel in Legian is offering rooms for a reduced price, and is just a few steps away from the Quiksilver office on Jalan Legian in Kuta.

Source: Asian Surfing Championships

Author: Tim Hain

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