Narrow River Race ESA SUP Series heats up

Sam English & Brian Ross © Jason Considine/ESA

Narrow River ESA SUP Race Series #2

Eastern Surfing Association
Narrow River, Rhode Island
10 August, 2013

Racers battled it out in perfect Narrow River conditions

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 August, 2013 : - - Conditions could not have been better for the Narrow River ESA SUP Race Series #2, held this past Sunday at Narrow River. Racers from as far away as Utah competed, as well as some very fast Bay Staters, who travelled here to challenge the local competitors.

Race Director Jason Considine of Narrow River Kayak plotted out an entirely new course for this 4.5-mile race, which directed competitors north up the river, into a small inlet, and then back out again. This section of the race proved the most challenging of the entire course, as paddlers could only fit one board at a time through the narrow channel. 

This made for some intense jockeying for position, as the leaders tried to gain distance through the section. At one point, one of the top contenders hit a mysterious underground rock that tossed him over the front of his board and into the marsh. He quickly regained control and continued out of the narrow opening of the inlet.

With no wind and relatively cool temperatures for this morning race, times were much faster than the first round in July. The most exciting action came in the Men’s Open Division (25 years and under). Narrow River Kayak racer Brian Ross of East Greenwich took the early lead, and was still in front at the final turn heading south to the finish line.

Sam English of Wayland, Massachusetts had been drafting him for over ½ of the race at that point. English put on the speed and passed Ross with 1.5 miles to go, and never looked back. He finished first overall with a speedy time of 44:13. Ross came in 2nd with a time of 46:22, and Andrew Preece of Orem, Utah cruised in at 49:46 for 3rd place.

Warwick speedster Mark Preece not only won the Senior Men’s Open Division (55 years and over), he almost won it all, as he was rapidly closing in on English at the finish line. Preece finished only 6 seconds behind the leader, in 44:28. Barrington’s veteran racer, Peter Colella was 2nd in 45:07, and Narragansett’s Peter Pan finished 3rd in 50:22.

The toughest division with the most paddlers was the Women’s Open category (26-54 years). It was a three-person race from the start, as Providence racer Martha Colella took the lead after one mile. Westerly’s Erica Sposato stayed only a few feet behind the leader, and started to gain distance at the ½ way mark.

Veteran racer Colella put on the jets and pulled ahead for good with 2 miles to go, winning easily in 51:54. Erica continued her pace, taking 2nd in 57:10. East Greenwich’s Kerrie Hedde started out slow, but picked up the pace, finished 3rd in 58:32.

North Kingtown racer Kristin Kaezmarek took 4th in 59:56, just back from a severe surfing injury. Warwick’s Sarah Preece finished 5th in 62:06 and Beth Considine of Wakefield, Rhode Island was 6th in 66:37. West Kingston’s Lyn Corpus was 7th in 73:28.

Geoff McGurk of Shrewbury, Massachusetts won the Masters Open (26-54 age group) in 46:30 with West Kingston’s Pau Corpus finishing 2nd in 50:16. Heidi Colella took the Senior Women’s title (55 years old and over) in 56:54.

The next ESA event is the New England Summer Surfing Championships Round #2 at 2nd Beach, in Middletown, Rhode Island this coming Saturday. Sign-ups are on the beach from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. The final round of the Narrow River Race Series is scheduled to take place on September 8th.

Source: ESA

Author: Peter Pan

Tags: Narragansett, ESA, Peter Pan

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