Pros weigh in on who's got the best Lowers game

John John Florence © D. Bahn / Hurley

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It's Hurley Pro Time: Who To Watch & How To Win

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 September, 2013 : - - On September 15, the top 34 surfers on the WCT circuit, along with wild cards Mitch Crews and Dane Reynolds, will battle it out to take the title from the king of Lowers at the 2013 Hurley Pro. 

"Trestles is such a fun wave and the closest you can get to a skate park,” says tour standout and Hurley athlete John John Florence. “I think Kelly has been surfing Trestles for so long that he knows what works and what doesn't out there. To win at Lowers, you are going to have to mix power surfing with airs because everyone is surfing at such a high level on tour these days.”


Brief Overview: A series of small, contestable, southerly swells will prevail throughout the contest waiting period. At this point, we will give a slight edge for the largest days of surf to Sunday the 15th, Tuesday the 17th and Wednesday the 18th. However, we will want to monitor things closely as the surf height for much of the 15th-21st looks quite similar on current charts/models.

Swell/Surf Outlook
At this point, there are no major swells on the radar during the event waiting period. We will see a series of very contestable, overlapping SSE, SSW and SW swells from the 15th-21st that all look pretty similar in height, based on current model information. We’ll give the slight edge in size to the 15th, 17th and 18th, although we will continue to refine this forecast and will need to pick the eyes out of these pulses of swell.



Check the Live Coverage 

1 KELLY SLATER #teamslater
2 MICK FANNING #teamfanning
3 JOEL PARKINSON #teamparko
4 JORDY SMITH #teamjordy
5 TAJ BURROW #teamtaj
6 NAT YOUNG #teamnat
7 JOSH KERR #teamkerrzy
8 ADRIANO DE SOUZA #teamadriano
9 C.J. HOBGOOD #teamcj
10 ADRIAN BUCHAN #teamace
11 JULIAN WILSON #teamjulian
12 MICHEL BOUREZ #teammichel
13 KAI OTTON #teamottz
14 JOHN JOHN FLORENCE #teamjohnjohn
15 JEREMY FLORES #teamflores
16 SEBASTIAN ZIETZ #teamseabass
17 FILIPE TOLEDO #teamfilipe
18 GABRIEL MEDINA #teammedina
19 FREDRICK PATACCHIA #teamfreddyp
20 BEDE DURBIDGE #teambede
21 MATT WILKINSON #teamwilko
22 TRAVIS LOGIE #teamlogie
23 KOLOHE ANDINO #teamkolohe
24 BRETT SIMPSON #teamsimpo
25 DAMIEN HOBGOOD #teamdamo
26 MIGUEL PUPO #teammiggy
27 ADAM MELLING #teammelling
28 RAONI MONTEIRO #teamraoni
29 YADIN NICOL #teamyyades
30 ALEJO MUNIZ #teamalejo
31 KIEREN PERROW #teamkp
32 PAT GUDAUSKAS #teamgudang
WC 33 MITCH CREWS #teamcrewsy
ALT 34 NATE YEOMANS #teamyeomans
ALT 35 IAN CRANE #teamcrane
WC 36 DANE REYNOLDS #teamdane

Source: Hurley

Author: Maria Boschetti/ASP

Tags: Hurley Pro, Lowers, ASP World Tour

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