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    Surfing Life Mag launches world first for surf industry...

    Surf Media

    Surfing Life Magazine Launches World First For Surf Industry

    Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 December, 2008 : - - As the first of its kind in the surf industry, Australia’s Surfing Life (ASL) magazine today launched its latest project, Surfing Life Newsbreak, as a further means to link print, online and mobile communication.

    The service is free to users and delivers breaking surf news to mobile phones or computer desktops, and is designed as an extension of the highly integrated, multi-platform media channels provided by ASL.
    Morrison Media Core Sports Publisher Craig Sims said ASL has the track record to be trusted to deliver to its readers only the most newsworthy content, and to ensure information delivered is suited to the audience and the media platform.

    ”We believe the key to success in the increasingly fragmented media landscape will be the ability to deliver content via the media channel that is ideally suited to its delivery. Mobile is perfect for breaking news, it’s instantly accessible, concise, and comes from a trusted source in ASL,” Craig said.

    The integrity of the ASL brand is upheld through the careful selection of relevant news items which are then distributed through the most appropriate media platform available.

    “As the publisher of Australia’s Surfing Life magazine, we make it our business to be the first to know, and through the Surfing Life Newsbreak service we can inform our readers about newsworthy events as and when they occur. This is just a logical extension of what we already do,” he said.

    The Surfing Life Newsbreak service is initially delivered in two ways – to mobile phones through a concise text message format via SMS, and to the computer desktop via the Surfing Life Newsbreak widget.
    If a user is receiving the service via mobile phone, they have the option to click through to a specially formatted mobi site which recognises the phone requesting the info and delivers a more detailed report, including pictures and or video, resized to suit the screen size of the phone.
    Those who are deskbound and want to be updated with the latest news in the surfing world can sign up to receive the same content through an ASL widget (pictures 4 and 5).  The widget is permanently located on your computer’s desktop and accepts Surfing Life Newsbreaks as and when they are released.

    Morrison Media National Sales Manager Scott Chapman said the service is a unique opportunity to allow advertisers to reinforce their brand’s image by aligning with ASL’s progressive, cutting edge media platform.

    ”The service has also been designed to provide a unique opportunity for our valued advertisers to communicate their brand message effectively to the surf community, via a banner on the Surfing Life Newsbreak mobi site,” Chapman said. “As well as creating an added touch point for a brand, it’s positioning the brand as part of something credible and authentic, which is a respected and known element of ASL,” Chapman added.

    To register for Surfing Life’s Newsbreak service, go to and opt-in to receive breaking news to your mobile phone or computer desktop. The Newsbreak service concept will in time be rolled out across other Morrison Media titles.

    About ASL
    ASL has become Australia's biggest selling surfing magazine by successfully marrying an obsessive commitment to photo and design excellence with a knowledgeable and humourous commentary on all aspects of surfing.  ASL's commitment to excellence is backed up by a commitment to new media technologies which sees ASL deliver relevant and credible features, news, pictures and video via traditional means and all new media channels including: the web, mobile, e newsletters, DVDs, Videos, Coffee Table and Instructional Books, Special Collectors Issues, Annuals and Posterbooks.

    About Morrison Media
    Morrison Media is an independent, progressive publishing company that is home to many media brands such as Australia’s Surfing Life, Riptide, frankie, Kiwi Surf, Freerider MX, Trailbike Adventure Magazine, Snowboarder, Powderhound, Australian Longboarding, Slam and Travelling in Australia Magazine.

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    Leila Fischer / ASL Mag

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