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Volcom Stone Catfish series rocks Aguadilla Puerto Rico

Winners : photo Patrick Ruddy

Volcom Stone Catfish

Aguadilla Puerto Rico
14 - 15 March 2009

Volcom Stone Catfish series rocks Aguadilla Puerto Rico

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 March, 2009 : - - Wow! Our crew has made many trips down to PR and the Caribbean for the Catfish over the last 8 years and have always had fun waves, this event however was totally different. After one failed attempt at the start of the month to run the Catfish we ended up making a second trip down to the Island in hopes of getting good surf for the event.

The reports looked really good but we had no idea that we would wake up to 10 ft. perfect conditions. The turnout for the event was amazing with most of the top competitors from all over the island on the beach ready to sign up and get out in the line-up. Over all this was an amazing event and we couldn't have asked for better conditions. Here is a brief rundown.

Lets start off with the Groms. As far as charging goes these little guys showed that they had what it took to tackle the large surf on hand. We were a bit worried about these guys paddling out to the main peak since just about every heat throughout the day saw multiple sets in the double overhead range, pretty much clearing the line-up of all competitors sending them through the spin cycle over and over again.

We sent the Groms down the beach and with Aron Geiger, Willito Carrasco and Juan Ashton as Judges. 10-foot sets weren't plaguing the peak down the beach but the kids were still getting sets in the 6-8 foot range. Toughing it out and getting the best waves of the heat was Jose Claudio. Jose handled the large surf with style earning the top spot. Right behind Jose and surfing just as well was Christian Rivera.

They took home tons of prizes as well as invites to the prestigious VQS Champs. Rounding out the rest of the final was Brian Laide, Micah Gutierrez and Brandon Fabre. Good job kids!

On to the Ladies! I never thought that I would see the level of surfing from the ladies that I did. Absolutely charging! They never held back and had the entire beach of spectators hooting and psyching out. Not holding back one bit and carving her way to first place was VQS veteran Alexis Engstrom. Alexis certainly didn't have it easy with Maria Gonzales and Lilac Alrando right on her heels. All three girls put on an absolute show.

Taking the fourth spot and a couple good waves of her own was Liza Caban. Liza edged out Kelly Laide and Alexandra Apante on her way to a huge bag of volcom goodies. Thanks for the support ladies!

The Juniors. This event over the past couple of years has always seen a really talented pack of surfers in the Juniors division and this year topped them all. Taking the win and making it look easy was Hector Santa Maria. Hector could do no wrong and was pulling out all kinds of tweaked turns and stylish hacks.

He took home a massive Boom Box equipped with an old school tape player, a Vestal watch as well as a huge Volcom backpack filled with tons and tons of prizes. Landing behind Hector in the second spot and taking home a healthy bundle of prizes himself was Francisco Rivera. Francisco edged out Carlos Torres, Gabriel Trigo and Ricardo Delgado on his way to second place.

All in all it was awesome to see the kids charging so hard! Now for the Pro-Am! This was by far the most entertaining Final of the day. With the sun setting quickly, and the waves absolutely pumping, our winner Leif Engstrom showed everyone on the beach that he was not only going to win, but dominate the final heat. And dominate he did with two waves scoring in the high 8's.

Leif took home $500.00 bucks for his efforts as well as $50 for a solid front side three on a rare left bowl that earned him the Electric Volt Thrower move of the day. Not to shine the spotlight to brightly on Leif but he pretty much took over. Taking the second spot was Gabby Escudero. Gabby surfed extremely well for the entire event and walked home with a ton of prizes and an invite to the VQS Champs.

Not a bad day. Taking third was another stand out surfer Sam Steed. Sam surfed solid as well but came up a bit short. Rounding out the rest of the final was Pablo Diaz, Leslie Bursian and Edwardo Roure. Thanks for making the event so fun to watch!! See you guys at the Champs in May!
Special thanks to all of our staff in Puerto Rico as well as Monster for suppling lunch for the staff and competitors.

Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: Electric Visual, Monster energy drink, Fuel TV, Riviera Skateboards, Skull Candy, Chipotle, Santa Cruz-NHS, Ogio, DVS Shoes, Vestal, Creatures of Leisure, Freak Traction, Da-Kine Traction & Accessories, Future Fins, Famous Wax, H20 Audio, Speck Products, Sun Cure & Ding All, Headhunters, Surfing, Surfer, Transworld Surf, Water, Bliss Magazine.  Special thanks to Patrick Ruddy for the Photos!


1. Leif Engstrom - $500
2. Gabby Escudero
3. Sam Steed
4. Pablo Diez
5. Leslie Bursian
6. Edwardo Roure

1. Hector Santa Maria
2. Fransisco Rivera
3. Carlos Torres
4. Gabriel Trigo
5. Rodger Torres
6. Ricardo Delgado

1. Jose Claudio
2. Christian Rivera
3. Brian Laide
4. Micah Gutierez
5. Branden Fabre

1. Alexis Engstrom
2. Maria Gonzales
3. Lilac Alrando
4. Liza Caban
5. Kelly Laide
6. Alexandra Apante

Electric Volt Thrower
Leif Engstrom - $50



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