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    Wait period closes in for Nomad Shark Isle Challenge..

    NOMAD Shark Island Challenge
    In Association with Emerald Surf City

    Shark Island, Cronulla, NSW
    7 - 27 July 2009

    Waiting period closes in for the 2009 Nomad Shark Island Challenge

    Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 July, 2009 : - - Riders and officials will be on call as of Friday 24th for an anticipated Southerly swell that is forecasted to sweep the N.S.W coastline. Since the completion of Round 1 the East Coast of Australia has been dominated by an unusual summer pattern that has basically starve the normally wave hungry coastline.

    With strong low pressure systems dominating the southern oceans and tracking towards New Zealand any real chance of swell is being deflected away by the large and stable high pressure weather pattern.

    The plan for the completion of The 2009 Shark Island Challenge depends on this weekend’s event. If waves do not meet the required minimum 4ft wave range then, upon the request of the riders all will meet to discuss the option of extending the waiting period of an additional week if the 7 day forecast looks promising.

    “We have all made the sacrifice of giving up a years worth of competing because I think we all believe the SIC is and has been the Premiere Bodyboarding event of all time”, explains Sydney’s Alex Bunting.

    “Round 1 was not Classic Island; the majority of riders struggled to get 2 scoring waves and some competitors didn't even get the chance of a lone scoring wave due to the hectic conditions. For the image and dignity of this event, if there is anyway we can extend the period in hope of another swell I am all for it! I know that we are at the hands of Mother Nature; though at least we can say we tried all we could to make it happen.”
    A reminder that points for this unique event will not be released until the start of Round Two.

    When Round Two finally gets underway riders will then be given their overall scores so they can work out where they stand and what they need to do to ensure that they take home the $10,000 winner takes all prize purse.

    First Prize                 - $10,000 winner takes all
    Best Barrel               - 2 weeks stay at The Secret Sumatra – Surf Camp
    Best Move                - 2 week boat trip courtesy of The Surf Travel Company
    Best Wipe Out          - $500 – if you want it, it’s all yours
    Longest tube time    - Buzzing over Sydney in the world renowned Red Bull Stunt Plane

    An update will be release towards the middle of the week.

    1. Nomad Bodyboards
    2. Emerald Surf City
    3. Riptide Bodyboard Magazine
    4. Secret Sumatra
    5. Surf Travel
    6. Human
    7. Limited Edition Fins
    8. Red Bull Australia
    9. Dunes Wetsuits


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