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ACT TODAY: Famed Irish Wave under instant threat
Doolin : photo courtesy RossnowlaghSurf


Endangered Wave Update*

Famed Irish Wave under immediate threat

Please support Irish Surfers, Call councillors before the vitally important meeting this Monday

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 December, 2010 : - - Doolin wave in Ireland, is threatened by the construction of a €6 million pier planned by the Clare County Council. Irish surfers have reasons for concern as one of the best waves in the country might disappear – Doolin Point and Crab Island.

Irish surfers are this Monday (13 December 2010) faced with the real possibility the County Council we be deciding on the proposed pier construction armed with inaccurate information. Details here*  

The planner, Gordon Daly, has completed his planners report, and it is being voted on by Clare county councillors this Monday 13 Dec. In this planners report the relevant parts are around pages 115 to 123 of the PDF. Despite repeated requests of the council to provide the date of the council meeting, and what they would be proposing in the planners report, they never provided either. A copy of this report was gained through other channels.

As it stands, the planners report will be telling the county councillors a lie – that the surfers concerns are no longer an issue. This is a deliberate lie by the planner and will affect how the councillors vote on this issue.


You can call the county councillors, whose details are listed here informing them that the planners report contains a deliberate lie to mislead them and your dissatisfaction with the council on this matter. You need to do this prior to their Council meeting on Monday 13 December (this Monday). If you want to help start calling right away and on Monday morning.

Get behind Irish surfers

Call, fax, email, the county council in your tens of thousands

Bombard them with your concern; ask for delay in a final decision.

Contact the council

Clare County Council,
Áras Contae an Chláir,
New Road, Ennis, Co. Clare
Telephone: + 353 (065) 6821616
Fax: + 353 (065) 6828233

Opening hours
All Offices (except for Planning Office and Cash Office) open Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Planning Office open Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Cash Office open Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
All Offices open through lunch.
Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays: Closed
Emergency Contact Number: (087) 4169496 (outside office hours only)

Contact info at:





Original alert 

Change proposed Doolin Pier design Petition

Landmark Irish wave threatened by harbor development

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 July, 2010 : - - For thousands of years the waves breaking on the limestone slabs of Crab Island and Doolin point have been peeling off & spitting tubes. It is only since the early 1970’s that they’ve been ridden by surfers. Since then they have become, along with the Bundoran reefs, the most surfed spots in the country.

They have been on the “must surf” list of any travelling surfers coming to Ireland, from Kevin Naughton’s arrival in the 70’s, to the McNulty brothers virgin surf on their ancestral turf in the 80’s, to Anthony Walsh’s extended stay last winter.

The scenery in the area is spectacular, with the massive cliffs of Moher looming to the south and the geographical uniqueness of the limestone karst region of the Burren to the north. Add in the Aran island chain only a few miles to the northwest and it all comes together to make this spot the iconic postcard surfspot of Ireland.

While being overshadowed in the media lately due to the discovery of heavy spots such as Aileen’s and Riley’s, Crab Island is still a more important surf spot to most of the surfers of Ireland. This is because of the frequency of which it breaks and the fact that it is within the capabilities of all competent surfers. It is the spot most likely to deliver the ’ride of a lifetime’ for 90% of Irish surfers.

Unfortunately that may not remain the case…

There is a ferry operation running from a small pier in the lagoon behind crab island to the nearby Aran islands. This runs during the summer months when the lagoon is not getting churned by big winter swells. These ferries now require a larger pier in deeper water in order to meet an EU regulation on commercial passenger ferries. However the design that Clare Co. Council has decided on is likely to damage both waves of Crab Island and Doolin point from backwash. It will also introduce a safety hazard by forcing surfers to now paddle across the ferry’s paths to get to the lineups. It is also likely to get damaged by winter storms due to its exposed location out the point. (The existing pier is located at the back of the lagoon). Reading the plans drawn up shows that the effect on the surf spots has not been taken into consideration at all by the council. They have, to date, not given any response to repeated and sustained requests from local surfers for a meeting on the issue.


Help get signatures to stop this development.
Copy this article into your web page


Crab Island and proposed Pier plan  

Local surfers in the area are trying to convince the council that a ‘win-win’ situation can easily be arrived at. A design where the ferries have a pier that meets their requirements and does not damage the waves with backwash. Simply moving the pier back towards the existing one by about 50m and dredging a little deeper inside the pier should achieve this. It would also have the added effect of lessening the amount of damage done to the pier by the massive winter swells that pound this stretch of coast.

Local surfers need to convince the council of how well regarded these surf spots are, both by Irish and international surfers. As part of that we would like you to sign the petition listed below. It will only take 10 seconds. The West Coast Surf Club in Ireland will present this petition as part of a submission to Clare Co. Council before the closing date of objections on 5 August. Please, have your voice heard. Let’s keep this wave so that its peeling tubes are there for you when you visit Ireland.

Link this petition to any facebook\myspace\blogs you may have and mail to your surfing friends.


Anyone wishing to, can view the current plans here

We would also encourage people to send in their own formal objections to this. This can be done for free (no charge for submissions as it’s not a private planning application) by posting a letter to “Planning Section, Clare County Council, New Road, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland”, quoting “Planning application details ref: 108006 (Clare County Council)”. You must also include your name and address.)


A very high swell and a relentless offshore wind make these waters a wipe-out for surfers



The day they couldn't get out - March 2007. Washing over Crab Island into the Doolin carpark.
Estimated up to 80ft faces. 



Crab Island - don't let them destroy it - sign the petition


Help gather signatures to stop this development. Copy this article into your web page


et en francais

Sauvons la vague de Point Doolin

A Crab Island et Point Doolin, les vagues se brisent sur les massifs calcaires et forment depuis des siècles des tubes impressionnants. C'est l'un des spots de surf les plus reconnus et fréquentés d'Irlande.
Une vague menacée par une extension portuaire

Actuellement un ferry effectue la traversée tout l'été entre Crab Island, depuis un embarcadère situé dans la lagune, et les îles d'Aran toutes proches. Une réglementation européenne exige aujourd'hui que les embarcadères où accostent ces ferries soient plus grands et dans des eaux plus profondes.  

Malheureusement, le projet que le comté de Clare a retenu risque d'altérer les vagues de Crab Island et celles de Doolin Point en créant un backwash. Il met aussi les surfeurs en danger en les obligeant à traverser à la rame la route du ferry pour rejoindre le line-up.

Les surfeurs locaux se mobilisent

Les impacts sur les spots de surfs ont été complètement ignorés. Les surfeurs locaux essaient de convaincre le comté de reculer l'embarcadère d'une cinquantaine de mètres vers son emplacement actuel et de draguer un peu plus profond au niveau de celui-ci. Vous pouvez agir ! Signez la pétition avant le 5 Août 2010, et mobilisez vos amis sur vos blog, facebook, par email ou de n'importe qu'elle autre manière.  

What's your take on this?
Post your thoughts: SV Forum

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Compiled by Rossnowlagh Surf, republished at SV

Endangered Waves - Surfersvillage


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