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Australian Longboard Surfing Open reflects on 2012
Chelsea Williams ASP / Robertson


Australian Longboard Surfing Open
Presented by Surftech

ASP Men's & Women's LQS event
Kingscliff, New South Wales
21 - 25 March 2012

Live Coverage | Results/Photos/Videos

Check the full list of winners from each event at this year's Australian Longboard Surfing Open

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 March, 2012 : - - Once again Huey smiled upon us and we had terrific surf conditions in front of the SLSC at Kingscliff  ranging from 3-5ft over the five days of competition. The Cudgen SLSC provided excellent amenities for the judges and administration to work from throughout the five days and we take this opportunity to thank them and the Kingscliff Boardriders Club who graciously allowed us to surf in their spot.

Although overall competitor numbers were down this year we still attracted competitors from all around the world including Canada, Reunion Island, Spain, Japan, New Zealand, Hawaii and California as well as Victoria, WA, Qld and of course from along the east coast of NSW. The most notable names in attendance being current ASP World Title holder Taylor Jensen, 2009 ASP World Title holder Harley Ingleby, 2006 ASP World Title holder Josh Constable and dual ASP Woman's World Title holder in 2007 and 2009 Jen Smith from California.

Other notables in attendance included from the recent World SUP Surfing Titles world number 2 Justin Holland and World number 4 Jackson Close. And from the same  World SUP Titles 1st and 2nd place getters, Jamie Mitchell and Travis Grant. To help with the presentation we were fortunate to have Australia's first ever World Surfing Champion Phyllis O'Donell on hand to help.

Activities ranged from surfing in pro and amateur divisions, historical surfboards and tandem and alaia displays. On the land there were surf movies, a book signing, cooking demonstration, bands, bikini parade, art classes, coaching clinics and classic cars and surf vehicles.

The results from the 2012 Australian Longboard Surfing Open are attached for  your enjoyment and photos and video clips are available on our facebook page The dates for the 2013 Australian Longboard Surfing Open have been set for March 20 -24 and we hope that we will see you there again.


 Classic surf vehicles Luke Sorensen


Australian Longboard Surfing Open Results 2012

Green Aussie Cleaner ASP Pro
1. Taylor Jensen
2. Harley Ingleby
3. Nic Jones
4. Dane Wilson 

Cancer Institute NSW ASP Women's Pro
1. Chelsea Williams
2. Jen Smith
3. Crystal Dzigas
4. Candice Applbey 

Mohawk Noserider
1. Dane Wilson
2. Harley Ingleby
3. Matt Aldridge
4. Dane Wilson

Scales Seafood 9ft
1. Shane Morton
2. Jack Entwistle
3. Ben Johnson
4. Robbie McLucas
5. Anthony McCullough
6. Damien Farago 

Essential Energy Old Mal
1. Kai Ellice-Flint
2. Matt Aldridge
3. Heath Norrish
4. Ben Williams
5. Candice Appleby
6. Beau Nixon 

1. Mitch James
2. Nic Jones
3. Robbie Rickard
4. Nick Farago
5. Jared Neal
6. Candice Appleby

Pacific Finance 8ft
1. Dean Bevan
2. Ben Johnson
3. Anthony McCullough
4. Damien Farago 

Pacific Longboarder Amateur Women
1. Roisin Carolan
2. Kathryn Hughes
3. Jennypher Sorbier
4. Deb Tinker 

Abood Crane Trucks U18's
1. Kai Ellice-Flint
2. Daniel Potter
3. Roisin Carolan
4. Harry Jones

Over 40's
1. Scott Dowling
2. Mike Jackson
3. Macca
4. Weeksy 

Over 50's
1. Ray Gleave
2. Ian Pearson
3. Mike Pimm
4. Storm Carter
5. Bully Arnold
6. Graeme Woody 

Illusion Noosa SUP Pro
1. Beau Nixon
2. Jackson Close
3. Geoff Breen
4. Dane Wilson

Illusion Noosa SUP Amateur
1. Anthony Smith
2. Paul Jones
3. Scott Downing
4. Tatsumi Kawai
5. Michael Stokes
6. Chris Newling 

Illusion Noosa SUP Women
1. Alison Fullager
2. Jenny Ryan
3. Sondra Purser
4. Maria Kingi 

Battle of the Paddle
1. Lincoln Dews
2. Jake Jensen
3. Travis Grant

S.U.P River Race Women
1. Elizabeth Rickets
2. Minnie Richards
3. Lyndal Wayman 

S.U.P River Race 12'6
1. Tatsumi Kawai
2. Jay Gates
3. Scott Corriban 

S.U.P River Race 14ft
1. Nichole Cross

Classic Surf Vehicles
1. 1940 Woodie
2. Split Window Kombi
3. Rusty Kombie Ute 

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Source: Surfing Australia

Author: Tim Brimblecombe

Tags: Longboard, Australian Longboard Surfing Open, Kingscliff

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