Quiksilver Boardriders Week 2012
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Kimo Hollinger hits Surfer, The Bar Talk Story series
Kimo Hollinger : Photo courtesy Turtle Bay

Talk Story Series at Surfer, The Bar

Hawaiian legend Kimo Hollinger sits down, talks story with Jodi Wilmott

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 May, 2012 : - - This Wednesday surfing legend and author Kimo Hollinger will be our talk story series guest, hosted by Jodi Wilmott. Kimo Hollinger graced many of the North Shore's most memorable sessions in elite company during big wave riding's burgeoning era. In the mid-70s, after a near-fatal session at huge Waimea, he turned his back on big wave riding forever.

A deep-thinking Hawaiian whose insightful observations have been published by SURFER magazine and Surfer's Journal, his contributions to surf culture persist to this day - though rarely this publicly. Kimo's story will take you far beyond the waves and deep into the life of a true and thoughtful Hawaiian. 

Talk Story starts at 8p HST, 11p PST. The event will be streamed live at surferthebar.com and livestream.com/surferthebar

°May 16 Ricky Grigg- big wave pioneer, author, and Emeritus Professor of Oceanography at the University of Hawaii

°May 23 Carissa Moore- reigning women’s world pro surfing champion

°May 30 Sonny Tanabe- expert free-diver and the author of the award winning book “The Evolution of Free Diving”

Located at Turtle Bay Resort. Open 7 days a week. Visit SurferTheBar.com to learn more.


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Source: Surfer The Bar

Author: Jodi Wilmott

Tags: Surf Culture, Surfer The Bar, Turtle Bay Resort, Talk Story, Kimo Hollinger

Talk Story: Surfersvillage


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